Top Shopify Developers

Here’s the scenario: You need a website, and you want it to look professionally done. You don’t have the time (or necessarily the knowledge) to build an effective, aesthetically pleasing site on your own, and you don’t want to employ someone in-house to do it, either.  The solution? You decide to hire out for your web development, but with so many agencies available, which one should you choose? You need to find the Top Web Development Companies.

Well, you’re in luck. You’ve stumbled upon this article, and I'm here to give you a few key points to consider when hiring a design agency. Spoiler alert: The most telling factors aren’t mind-blowing, but they are extremely important if you want the job done right.


As with any project -- whether it’s building your house or fixing your car -- you want to make sure that the people doing the work know what they’re doing. Look for an agency team with at least a few years of experience under their belt. (And if you’re planning to create a large, highly customized site, look for a place that has more than just a few years in the business.)

Experts understand that half the battle in creating the perfect website is understanding the client -- their brand, tone, strengths and shortcomings. Before any work begins, supply the agency with your brand guidelines and a style guide. If you don't have these items, your chosen agency should work with you to create these. If they don't have the capacity or resources to develop these pieces, look inward to your own staff or another external agency for help. At our own agency, we don't move forward with any website project without these because they provide concrete direction and rules on how to work with the brand.

Also, have you heard of the terms "sitemap" or "wireframe"Your design agency had better. If not, run (quickly)!


Do yourself a favor and set aside at least a couple of hours to vet the work of the agencies you’re considering. Their portfolios will give you an idea of the quality and style of their work. Are they industry-specific? Do they incorporate best practices for on-page SEO? Can they design for e-commerce? You need to know their capabilities. The best place to find top web development agencies would be at